The Team

Jeff Cosenza

Creator, Commentator, Videographer

The Smasher formerly known as Spooks McDog is known for pretty much 3 things:
His larger than life personality, alcohol, and memes.
Even if you're new to the channel you may be more familiar with his work than you think, he's the guy who produced the beloved player videos from The Big House 8 and Frostbite 2019. Underneath that caffeine, alcohol, and ADHD addled exterior is is a practically limitless fountain of ideas, ranging from cool and wacky to potentially dangerous and bizarre, and you can see many of these come to life in the PushBlock Workshop.

Alex "WOOD" Woodward

Creator, Commentator, Competitor

If there's a single word that can be used to describe WOOD, it's "Scholar".
The herculean task of balancing being both a student of the law, and a student of the game, not being enough for him, he also flexes that intergalactically sized brain on the mic. If you watch carefully, you can catch him on the mic all over the Midwest and beyond! Not content with just dropping knowledge in the casting booth, WOOD is also the man behind all of the character analyses and reviews that you all know and love.

Saeed "Sai" Shareef

Creator, Commentator, Competitor

If you ever needed proof that tragedy begets comedy, look no further than Sai.
The only thing more legendary than Sai's bad luck are his skills on the mic. Whether you're living through his various misfortunes in his Negro's Logs, or laughing along with his co-casters from the Twitch chat, it's clear he's the funniest man in town. On top of that, his years of experience competing not only in THREE Smash titles(Brawl, Wii U, and Ultimate), but various other FGC titles as well, gives him an understanding and perspective on the game few others can rival.